Relationships can be hell, but there is hope


Try focusing on purpose, friendship, and love as opposed to routines, obligations, and fears.  Routines need to be re-examined, obligations negotiated, and fears and insecurities abandoned by re-affirming our love and communicating our understanding and admiration for each other every day.


Relationships, especially long-term marriages, can be a lot of work.  It is helpful to remember that our honest commitment is always to ourselves and not to each other or to our relationship.  This commitment is not dependent on having a life partner at all.  When one is truly committed to their own truth, only then they can have a dynamic and rewarding relationship with another.  Without this commitment no loving relationship is possible.


Relationships can be the most rewarding experience in life because they are the root of all spiritual growth.  The love that we are willing to extend to one another blossoms in the garden of our own psyche and eventually transforms us into a blooming paradise where everyone is welcome.  Our smiling face thus becomes a welcoming gate to a heart that can nurture thorns to bloom roses.  It can be that simple. And our life becomes an artful beauty in and of itself.



Tony BernardiComment