Sadness and Injustice in the world


Injustice is simply another idea that God is not real, that life is misery, and that you are separated, alone, and doomed to suffer and die.

What about Joy? What about the truth that life is eternal and forever growing, glowing, and grand. Even when trouble brews, all corners are frayed, you are not alone, desperate, and abandoned. God never will and never can abandon you or any of your brothers or sisters. You are an agent of Love and Truth. Keep the mantle of fairness, kindness, and joy always present. The idea of unfairness is there to distract and divert you from your necessary acts of love.

Smile, give, and bless everyone big or small. There is only ignorance, dormancy, and blindness or unawareness of life, joy, and blessings for everyone. Nothing here is dangerous because nothing here is real – it is all a mirage, and aberration, an image of defeat, war - a challenge to you to go beyond it and see with “goodness” eyes.

Smile at a frowning brother, a crying child, a lonely soul and reassure them that life has meaning, kindness is love, and joy and peace are inevitable through right-minded being.


Tony BernardiComment