The void I feel in me…


Often the thorny pain felt in the center of the abdomen is a reminder of a primordial memory of a separated state of dual mind. It is felt there because it is a beacon to guide your return to your authentic self. It can move up to the lungs and heart area which feels like shortness of breath or a heartache and can even move to the head and show up as grief or tears. This sadness is a commentary on the separated life, a disjointed experience, a loneliness sad and void of any resolution. This is the seat of the ego. The ego lives or rather rests there. But the ego is false, it is a shadow. So, that space is virtually kept empty in the hope that it (meaning the ego of some sort) will come to fill and fulfill the role and space. This is why you over-eat, over-act, or procrastinate and waste your time – it is all a way to fill that space because it remains waiting and empty.

Keep at it feeling and holding it empty. That which you wait for, does not and cannot exist. This emptiness is a primordial vacancy, a memory of a false idea. Think of it as an empty pot in the middle of winter when nothing grows, because the pot is kept dark and cold. It is kept special, separated, protected, and safe and as a result it remains dirty, neglected, and isolated from all that can enable it to fulfill its function.

Let's go there. This is an empty pot. Let's get it cleaned. Let's see its potential. We have to dare to fill it with good soil, but it really needs sunlight. The Universe has put in miraculous seeds in the pot’s soil already. You need to bring it out to the light. This action is your daily activity that is necessary to help its seeds to sprout. The light is the hope that comes naturally from daring to bring it out of the darkness. This Light comes when it is invited.

The pot might still seem empty of life on the surface, but it is pregnant with possibilities because it has seeds in its soil that are growing. Be daring, patient, and consistent in your care. The sprouting and flowering of these seeds will come because you dare to bring the pot to the window. Let it warm up with the hope of sunlight – not off tomorrow, but of today. This day.

Love is the kisses of hope that promise and deliver healing to this emptiness. You are this pot. Allow for this sprouting.


Tony BernardiComment