Tony Bernardi has authored 3 longer works one of which is the published work "Dialogues" available as a paperback on  The other works are "Tobias", a novel in progress which is partly featured here as a work in development, and "Field of Perception", a collection of aphorisms and meditations reflecting years of spiritual study and contemplation, and a collection of his poetry.  The following are pages featuring part of these works accompanied by the author's commentary on their central ideas. 


This is an ode to longing. We long for what is sometimes briefly obscured, not unlike the sun that hides behind the clouds of grief for a little while. We long for love or rather for that which welcomes our love. Like the plain canvas beneath a masterpiece, without which the artist cannot create the art, we realize its importance only in the absence of our art making. We are the artists, the lovers. Our work is our love. And our beloved, our canvas. Without them neither our art nor a meaningful life is possible. Perhaps this is why we long.


Poetry Collection

A collection of Bernardi's poetry in this site features works that are similar in form to his music with a lyricism that reflect his multi-lingual and multi-cultural background.  


Field of Perception

A collection of aphorism and meditations ...



A Novel in progress ...


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