1. Christ in I Now I in Christ

  2. I am eternal and forever supported as I am forever supporting. I have to create because I am a creator like the One who created me.

  3. It is about Time. Time is simply a canvas we can use to paint our next masterpiece. It is a basket where we can gather our delights from the garden of life. It is the banquet we can share our presence with each other. Time is our greatest gift, let us remember this today and use it well.

  4. The courage to live is the courage to love your life, the way it is, the way you walk towards your heart. Dare to be yourself, the alternative is a dormant hypnotic existence that is nothing less than a frozen hell in oblivion. Come dance with me if you are already planted on my way. Nothing grows by accident and everything has the possibility of blooming. Come to spring and let us blossom and make this a glorious world with every creative fiber of our being... For we were created to create the Good, the Beautiful, and our honestly original version of the Divine!

  5. I vow to begin today full of joy and hope. 

  6. The greatest evil in the world is making another evil.

  7. Inquiry is the root of all intelligence.

  8. Mastery in living is defined by the level of ease in living without knowing or understanding. This is the essence of a surrendered life. In this not knowing lies the power of faith in the all-knowing and the all-good.

  9. Creativity and art can not be taught. At best one can only learn to appreciate it. A non-creative person is one who has not yet developed an appreciation of who he or she really is.

  10. Romantic love is nothing but the recognition of divinity, the holiness in an other. Heaven thus becomes an acknowledgment and hell the darkness of obscurity.

  11. Whenever you lose something know that you have given a gift to someone you have not met.

  12. Awakening is dialogue between that which I am aware of without and the resistance to who I am within. The awakened one has become the balance between the awareness and the resistance to everything. This can be said by: Let it be.

  13. I vow to leave darkness to darkness, desires to the needy, memories to the old, wishes to the weak, and cares to the forgotten. For no one was created so. 

  14. I affirm my aim and goal today and hence forth Is to create with A full heart and an empty mind. Hence I empty my mind of all burdens of seeking any moment other than this moment here and now.

  15. I know that clarity comes with the practice of purity. Therefore here and now I make myself pure and empty of all that is not of God and good.

  16. Love is freedom

  17. Calm joy pervades my inner space as I expand to contain all my outer space. Love is my guide now.

  18. I am in a place of perfection and imperfection. How imperfectly the capricious wind scatters the petals of a blossom tree in a springtime storm, but I notice how perfectly they adorn every step I take onto the garden of my dreams... When abiding in a peaceful mind, Love is never far behind.

  19. Joy is the only reason for life. Joy is my only quest. 

  20. Accept. Surrender. Release. Let it be. 

  21. Do not Suffer! Work is not suffering. Suffering is not work. Suffering is a sin and error. Allow correction.

  22. With spirit comes confidence.

  23. When I accept what is every moment becomes the best moment.

  24. No new wine in old skins, this is the morning of the world!

  25. I am new in the Lord And so I let go of all the past Now As I realize who I am.

  26. Be born In GOd’s Thoughts

  27. The love of my Lord delivers me.

  28. The way to Peace is Peace because Peace is the Way

  29. When we let things be all will work perfectly. Now.

  30. I sing for I desire only God now, dance for I move in God as God moves in me, play and create for I and the Father are one now.

  31. Life is a juicy kiss… 

  32. The perception of my access defines the depth of my reality. Nothing is really impossible.

  33. Trying to become present keeps me out of presence. Neither doing nor being requires trying. Surrender to the flow of life without commentary.

  34. Life is the perfect lesson for each person who is living it. I fully and honestly dip and swim in the waters of my life and I am fulfilled.

  35. My life is a thousand-petal lotus beautifully unfolding as I laugh with the joy of a thousand gods! This is my day. I awake to Joy!

  36. When you truly and unconditionally love someone, only then you will truly know how much you are loved. This is the only way to know. Your love is enough for both of you.

  37. The world is a more beautiful garden every time flowers of kindness bloom in our hearts and minds. Thank you for the fragrance of your words.

  38. I love you, but you are not mine. I rejoice knowing you exist as I rejoice the sun rising from the east. In such light I bask in splendor.

  39. Love, I noticed is like a pair of gentle hands. Touching me as I feel a pair of angel wings guiding and revealing the path to my heart.

  40. Love knows no boundaries, and Truth knows no self interest. I am still. I am well, and all is perfect and well. I let all be. I am Peace.

  41. How cruel and unusual to crave what I can not have or want what is not there. Hear my heart a bellowing cry. Still thy vision to a freeze.

  42. All the saints I met on my pilgrimage presented themselves as street children; every one of them revealed the poverty of my greedy mind.

  43. On my journey and pilgrimage, I found joy, pain, sorrow, beauty, and more, but most precious I found forgiveness and so I set myself free.

  44. Appreciate and be grateful for where you are, who you are, what you are and how you are – for these are truly the four pillars of Happiness.

  45. The idea of getting rich keeps us poor... I am wealth, wisdom, and the fountain of youth... A generous heart open to limitless possibilities.

  46. God wants nothing and is everything. Whoever wants everything becomes nothing. 

  47. My mind is full of the blessings I have received from everyone in my life. And so I bless everyone in my awareness with all my heart.

  48. I am grateful today for all my blessings! Joy has nested in my heart and Love has made a permanent home out of me. I belong to Goodness!

  49. Observation without condemnation reveals beauty to the beholder...

  50. The desire to know brings about knowledge. I want to know peace and so I learn that peace is the condition of knowledge. This peace passeth understanding.

  51. Luminous with the breath of my creator I create only with Him Now Always and Forever 

  52. I rest safely In the arms of my Lord. Take me Take me Take me

  53. The Lord in me Now I in The Lord

  54. I am grateful; Guilt is false, I am forever innocent, I am good; God is Good, The Lord is my protector, I am safe; Fear is meaningless, Death is impossible, Truth is my guide; I am healed.

  55. I belong to the God

  56. A relationship is an opportunity to extend God’s love. Joyfully. Now.

  57. You can not see beyond your prejudices. Get rid of them. Now. Seeing requires an open mind.

  58. I can say no and accept other people’s no with respect and joy now. What is violation but an unconscious call for help. Cleanse me Spirit and make me pure. No violation happens without cooperation. Surrender. Gratitude. Diligence. Acceptance.

  59. In the Name of the Lord I am the one who has wronged. I am the one who has been wronged. I am the one who has healed. Now and Forever. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Amen.

  60. Holy Spirit I am accepting and open to receive all my good now and forever. I am infinitely wealthy, young, beautiful, healthy, and lovable Now.

  61. Life seems to be a passage. Pain, suffering, and discomfort is a temporary condition. And this shall also pass. Father healed be all your children now.

  62. Truth is in the good and the good is eternal. God is good. God is love.

  63. The desire to know brings about knowledge. Ask and it will be given…

  64. Be still and know that I am God. Release is the essence of healing. Surrender is the essence of freedom. Compassion is the essence of love.

  65. My Lord, I am now in your arms Protected, safe, and able To do your work. Lord, now I am surrendering my all and thus I am forever free. Amen.

  66. The fountain Thirsts for the man More than The man can thirst. Man, Come to the fountain and drink. This is the New Jerusalem.

  67. This shall also pass. Sense the sweetness of being. Be still.

  68. With my Lord I proceed.

  69. Let not what you do Inform who you are, But let who you are Inform all that you do.

  70. I forgive and release my past 

  71. In God all is possible. I now manifest.

  72. We rest in God, not in our beds.

  73. There is nothing to do except God’s work.

  74. I, I am. I am I. I am Christ.

  75. Nothing exists outside my awareness.

  76. I welcome my Teacher. Now.

  77. Christ can walk into thorns and not get pierced because He is able to see only Roses.

  78. As soon as you realize you are in prison you are free. You are free. See what binds you and release it now.

  79. I lay myself down and die today.

  80. I am married and bound to everyone I hate and I am blessed and freed by everyone I love. Our hatred binds us as much as our love sets us free.

  81. How do I know I have awakened? You shall know you have awakened when you can see the truth in every lie and the jewel in every heart.

  82. The sun also shines in hell but no one notices. Lord heal me. 

  83. The only thing wrong between me and my enemies is my opinion of them.

  84. I let go of all my opinions and I awaken! I appreciate everyone in my life. Forgiveness is letting go of my opinions of others.

  85. Now I awaken to the awareness that everyone in my life is an angel sent by God. I rejoice.

  86. Prosperity, money, wealth, and worth. You can not appreciate and integrate what you do not value. You like it at the shop, but are you willing to take it home?

  87. In order to integrate you need to appreciate; (Is it worth maintaining?) to appreciate you need to value; (Is it worth paying for?) to value you need to acknowledge. (Is it worth noticing?)

  88. No one can take anything from you that you are not willing to give it to them. If what can be taken is willingly given theft becomes meaningless. Share and do not hoard.

  89. I dip honestly and completely Into the reality that I have created. It is only then when I will see the way out of hell.

  90. Stop telling yourself… The seed of your inability s buried in your self talk. Stop talking to yourself, and beware of what you say to others.

  91. Every one of my insecurities will hurt me especially by the people and situations important to me. And so every insecurity is a well guarded and valued belief in the network belief system that comprises my false identity or my ego, the matrix, the devil. I notice the hurt. I become aware of the belief. I release and let go of the belief. I become free again.

  92. Joy to the world! Spring has arrived and I am awake. 

  93. Hope and faith are guides that light our way; Hope is the Sun That makes our day; But faith lights the night When the Sun seems away.

  94. I am no thing God is everything. Christ is the path.

  95. The idea of free food keeps you in hunger. The idea of getting rich keeps you in poverty.

  96. You cannot effectively Use time or live in time And think about time At the same time. Thinking about time Is a waste of time. Thinking about time Is the essence of worry. Stop now.

  97. Only Christ is necessary in my life. Everyone and everything else Is a joyful addition.

  98. All temptations Lead to self betrayal. I do not need to be tempted. Tempting pleasures always lead me to do the things I do not want To do. I refrain. The only pleasure is holiness.

  99. Life is the perfect lesson For everyone that is living it. I fully and honestly dip And swim in the waters of life And I am fulfilled.

  100. Trying to get in the now keeps me out of the now. Neither doing nor being requires trying. I surrender without commenting. I am life.

  101. I am grateful today for all my blessings. Joy had nestled in my heart And love has made A permanent home Out of me. I belong to Goodness.

  102. What a beautiful life it is!

  103. Observation without condemnation Reveals beauty to the beholder. My mind is full of the blessings I have received from everyone in my life. Thus I bless everyone with all my heart.

  104. The more I want the less I become.

  105. My sweet Lord May this breath be my last.

  106. Wisdom. The sweet vows of eternal life. I am yours Lord now and forever. Amen.

  107. There are three steps leading to The Gates of Heaven. First onto Surrender, Next onto Acceptance, and finally onto Love.

  108. Upon stepping onto Surrender I give up all attacks and fights, all my judgments and all pursuits of perfection. Surrender leads me to the next step of Acceptance.

  109. Without attack and fighting there can only be Acceptance and inner peace. Through peace comes understanding and knowledge that leads to the final step of Love.

  110. And with Love Comes wisdom and the awakening to the perfection of everything and everyone, so I know I am only love.

  111. The Kingdom of Heaven thus is realized in us. The Kingdom is you and I. Now I safely enter and rejoice!

  112. Our Father in Heaven, Thy kingdom has come, Thy Will is done. I am grateful for our daily bread as all our needs you have met. I know I am forgiven as I have released and forgiven everyone and everything. I am led only to you with all my being which is pure and unchangeable love. I am yours, my power is yours, and all is glorious. Amen.

  113. My sweet Lord I lay my trust, my pain, my sorrow and all my burdens on your gentle hands. Take them from me for I have strayed from the path to my heart. Once more show me the way, bring beauty and grace to my life for ever more.

  114. Love is always the answer, now.

  115. There is always hope here.

  116. Love be in our midst now.

  117. Acceptance of where I find myself to be now empowers me to take the next step towards where I want to go. I accept where I am today with grace and faith as I take my next step. I know I am always called to my greatness, purity, and perfection.

  118. Escape is a futile attack upon the eternal now. Acceptance is always the only sane state of being.

  119. Go beyond the body. That is only a gate, where we promised to meet each other. Now let’s go in and enjoy the garden of our soul.

  120. Do not become the followers of Christ. Let him walk with you instead. The only purpose of the gates of Heaven was to keep you out. The house of God was built without doors. The way is open and you are most welcome.

  121. The only terrible thing about my enemies is my opinion of them.

  122. Looking at life as a burden creates a life of burdens. Stop looking!

  123. The greatest power in the Universe is your love. Who or what are you giving it to?

  124. When you stop looking for the extraordinary the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

  125. The primary aspect of all angels is the fact that they do not know it. The idea of being an angel creates a sense of separation which hides them in a false identity. Fallen so, believe they are egos.

  126. I am as small as my darkest doubt and as grand as my greatest love.

  127. I am as dirty as my dirtiest thoughts, and as holy as my holiest love, I choose love, I choose love!

  128. Adjust your attitude having faith in the perfection of what is. Silence your mind by ignoring its chatter saying “No comments please!” And take interest in your life by enjoying riding its waves.

  129. I will never find what I am looking for if what I am looking for is my reality. I am nowhere but here; I am in no time but now. I am what I am looking for. I am the emptiness behind my eyes where they can not see.

  130. Every wall is but a door, knock and it shall be opened. And so, be you also open for you also are a door. Amen.

  131. I love you without myself knowing that my love and all that loves you now are one and the same. And I rejoice.

  132. Practice the patience of presence and learn that they are the same.

  133. You consume the world in the plate of your mind. Therefore meditate and keep your plate clean. And if your plate has not been cleansed for awhile keep diligently meditating knowing that the world will taste delicious again!

  134. Addictions and Choice: We are not creatures of habit - It is our resistance that enforces and keeps in place anything we do habitually. Resist nothing. That is the key to choice.

  135. All our actions are rooted in our thoughts. All our thoughts originate from our beliefs. Our belief system is what keeps us in our personal hell. Have the courage to change or abandon your belief system and become free.

  136. When I am not aware of the life force or spirit in another person, thing or my relationship to them I experience the person as a demon, the object as a torture device, and my relationship as addictive and unsatisfying.

  137. I let all that I do be a celebration of all that I love and I want in my life now.

  138. I am in my heart. The center is not in me. I am in the center.

  139. My perception of what is accessible to me defines the depth of my reality.

  140. My fearful superstitious beliefs and thoughts masquerading as worldly knowledge are my only limitations. Questioning these limitations I go beyond them. And as I freely access all that I perceive available to me, my experience of reality expands to new depths.

  141. Ownership is limitation. It misconstrues the responsibility of stewardship. Owning is always temporary. On the other hand access defines the expandable experience and privilege that is expected from ownership but is often missed. What I own limits and diminishes me. The responsibility of ownership, which relies on maintaining what I own, hinders on my freedom of use. Access is as intelligent as ownership is an unfulfilled promise of satisfaction hidden in the guise of control. Often my wants and my greed of ownership dampen my experience of what I own.

  142. As my awareness expands I can appreciate all access to my material and non material necessities in my reality. I begin to appreciate the wealth of my experience.

  143. Peace is a gentle journey traveled by souls hand in hand, blind to all differences and in love with the land. The World's end is not its destruction, but its translation into Heaven. And This Heaven has already started to be because of wonderful angels like you and me.

  144. A quiet mind can encourage a love to sing, but only a still mind can set a heart ablaze! When I notice the light in my brother, my shadow disappears, for no shadow can ever cast on the light that makes us one. (Have you noticed when we look at the light in each other, our shadow disappears? May be it is because no shadow can ever cast on the light that makes us one.)

  145. The Light Has Come - In Celebration of the Light

  146. Although you cast a shadow upon this earth. The light that illumines, lights all the Universe.This light cannot cast shadows. And relinquishes all darkness.This light is you,And your shadow but an illusion.Although this shadow, visible on bright sunny days,Seems to follow you even into the moonlit night;It disappears if you dare to look,And you will see but only light.This light is your brother’s love. Which follows you everywhere.So, when you see only the light. In all your earthly companions. There will be no more room for shadows. Only light blessing light.And know that no shadow can ever cast. On the light that you are.

  147. I do not have to survive. I am eternal and forever supported as I am forever supporting. I have to create because I am a creator just (or honestly) like the One Who Created me.

  148. If you kill me you will give birth to me. Taking me out of your world will put me in your womb. We are forever intertwined, from strands that make a rope, to lovers that birth worlds, to a single purpose to flourish and extend our true essence which is Unconditional Goodness or Love. And so you learn that what you hate, you become and what you love you realize. If you love me you will know yourself and awake.

  149. Relationships and Marriage can be hell! But there is hope. Try focusing emphasis on purpose, friendship, and love as supposed to routine, obligation, and insecurity/fear... Routines need to be re-examined, obligations negotiated, and fears and insecurities abandoned by re-affirming your love, communicating your understanding and admiration for each other every day and all the time. Relationships, especially long-term marriages can be a lot of work. Commitment is always to oneself and not to each other or the relationship to others. This commitment is not dependent on having a life partner at all. When you are committed to your own truth then you can have a dynamic and rewarding relationship with another. Relationships are the most rewarding experiences in life since they are the root of all spiritual growth. The love that we are willing to extend to another, blossoms in the garden of our own psyche, and eventually transforms us to a blooming paradise where everyone is welcome... Your smiling face is a welcoming gate to a heart that can nurture thorns to bloom roses. Thus your life becomes an artful beauty in and of itself.

  150. Your unique disposition and even your physical shape and everything that makes you uniquely you, also uniquely qualifies you to create that which only you can create. This is the meaning of holiness and perfection. This perfection can only be realized when you become aware of your unique and true creations which are always based on your love and thus honestly of you. Thus your job is to continue being the unique YOU so that you can create that which only You can create. That is what is meant by:

“God is incomplete without you, simply because His grandeur is total, and you cannot BE missing from it. You are altogether irreplaceable in the Mind of God. No one else can fill your part of it, and while you leave your part of it empty, your eternal place merely waits for your return. God, through His Voice, reminds you of it, and God Himself keeps your extensions safe within it. But YOU do not know them, until you return TO them. You CANNOT replace the Kingdom, and you cannot replace yourself. God, Who KNOWS your value, would not have it so, and so it is NOT so. Your value is in GOD’S Mind, and therefore NOT in yours alone. To accept yourself as He created you CANNOT be arrogant, because it is the DENIAL of arrogance. To accept your littleness IS arrogant, because it means that you believe that YOUR evaluation of yourself is TRUER THAN GOD’S. But if truth is indivisible, then YOUR evaluation of yourself MUST BE GOD’S.” – ACIM-Urtext