Tony Bernardi's contributions consist of art music compositions, electronic music and piano improvisation albums, published literary works, and philosophical/spiritual commentary. His artistic output also includes paintings and sculpture. His interests and education in computer science has afforded him professional opportunities to transform and modernize organizations by providing Information Technology strategic leadership and advice.  The following outline his ongoing projects: 


The published work "Dialogues" is featured on this website with commentaries and insights about ideas in the book. Also, the work Tobias, a novel in progress is featured here as a chronicle the work in development, ideas behind the work and sample chapters. 

Field of Perception is a collection of aphorisms for the 21st century.  These are meditations collected through the years of study and contemplation.  A separate collection of his poetry is also featured in this site.  A distinct relationship can be observed between his music and the lyricism of his poetry that reflects his multi-lingual and multi-cultural background.  


Bernardi is a classically trained musician and contemporary composer. His compositions for traditional vocal and instrumental mediums as well as his electronically produced works are neo-baroque in style with an emphasis on melodic material often influenced by 20th-century romantic and post-romantic composers. He has collaborated with notable Washington DC area Choreographers and dancers in staging and producing many original works.  His multimedia (electronic music, dance, and film) work "Slightly Uncomfortable" was premiered at the 2006 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington DC.  This work is based on and prominently features the "Kiss of God" by Marshall Stewart Ball, a 20 year old handicapped spiritual poet.

Art Works

Bernardi's art projects use acrylic on paper and canvas for painting and a variety of material for sculpture and multimedia works. His annual art output consists of a few works often related to other music or writing projects.

Spiritual Commentary

Tony Bernardi is a lifelong student of A Course in Miracles with a passion for all things philosophical and psychological.  His commentary on spiritual and philosophical topics examine ideological perspectives in mysticism informed by his pursuit of understanding the meaning we ascribe to life and the pursuit of happiness.  

Information Technology

Tony Bernardi has an established professional career as a senior Information Technology Strategy adviser with 20 years experience transforming IT organizations. Track record evolving IT enterprises to utilize Cloud computing, expand mission growth, and manage big data. Broad functional expertise in implementing laser-sharp strategies and actionable operational plans. Extensive experience sharing insights precisely and logically with non-technical stakeholders, engineers, and ā€œCā€ level executives alike. Personal passion for all things related to science and technology. Adept at leading large diverse teams to achieve common goals with innate collaborative style and bias to action. 

Tony Bernardi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland.