About the Spiritual Coach

Tony Bernardi offers spiritual coaching to selective clients. Bernardi has mentored and coached numerous people in the past 20 years. He is a scholar of A Course in Miracles, the Infinite Way and Joel S. Goldsmith material, the Eckhart Tolle material, among others.  He has authored commercially available spiritual literature and practices spirituality through creative or artistic mediums and sciences. Tony Bernardi has no affiliation with any cultural or religious tradition but is open to and reveres all ethical and humanistic traditions that honor and respect all life and beings.


3 Introductory interactions to qualify the Client for spiritual coaching

The Client participates in 2 phone interview discussion and 1 possible face to face interaction with the Coach to assess mutual interest in committing to a spiritual relationship of guidance and sharing.  In this first week, the Client and Coach discuss client preferences in spiritual path and practices.  The spiritual guidance needs of the Client and the qualifications of the Coach to support the Client are explored and explained in this introductory period to ensure an effective spiritual relationship.  These 3 communications are free of charge and are scheduled in all in one week.


Client commits to self-study of spiritual material and weekly practice of sharing

The Client commits to a spiritual self-study regiment that includes a spiritual practice such as meditation, automatic writing, etc., and reading or study of spiritual texts.  The Client becomes accountable to the Coach and commits to prepare, discuss, and explore their understanding, experience, and life-application of their spiritual learning with the Coach every week.


Coach commits to weekly phone meetings available for discussion with the client

The Spiritual Coach commits up to 360 minutes every month available to the client for phone guidance and sharing.  Preferable a regular 60 minute weekly scheduled phone meeting and on special occasions a face to face meeting could be provided to the Client as necessary.  The topics of discussion are chosen by the Client relevant to their life situation and applicable to their spiritual journey.

Receiving Coaching

This spiritual coaching can support clients in their spiritual journey of self-discovery and personal or professional growth.

The client will commit to financially pay for this Coaching service proportional to their monthly income. This payment shall be determined and agreed upon in the introductory period between the Coach and Client and payments are expected on a monthly basis prior to the service.  This coaching service is evaluated every year after which could possibly graduate into a spiritual friendship with no continued financial obligation. This Spiritual couaching arrangement is freely entered into and can be dissolved by either Client or Coach respectfully in writing at any time without any explanation.